Final Project Week #1


Problem Statement:

The project considers the process of perceiving.  I am concerned with this because it is inescapable.  It is also inherently tainted, distorted, skewed. There are evolutionary reasons for the ways in which our perception is shaped.  There are biological processes. Psychological factors. There are many elements that contribute to our whole perception.

I take the pieces of the process out of context (detach them).   

Perceiving the pieces of perception as symbols, interpretations, abstractions, concepts, synonyms.

The project itself could be an analog to perception — it is a non-factual, representational, personal interpretation.  Perception has been said to be an analog to the real world. This could potentially be an analog of an analog.

Project Description:

I visualize the the process of perceiving through interpreting biological and psychological elements as representational forms.  Rods and cones become rods and cones. The scientific depiction of rods and cones become a part of a landscape. Overlap (the first way babies develop spatial recognition) will contradict itself.  When the viewer gets comfortable — they will notice another part that doesn’t make sense. This will in a way express the inherent distortion of perception.

Formal, Conceptual & Contextual Considerations:

Forms & Patterns: Cones, rods, lines (direction, black/white, broken, straight, jagged), grids (square, circular), horizon line (sometimes – making a landscape environment for representational forms),approaching shapeless human faces (as far as I can get from human form with it still communicating as human form).     

Color:  RGB (for cones), additive and subtractive primaries, complementary hues, non complementary pairs, gray/black/white rods.

Space: Layers, overlap contradictions, translucent, solid, reflective, reflections of reflections going on forever.  



I will also work on making obvious optical illusions to express the limitations of our perception.


nonredundancy (uncountable)


(some) research:



A- result of perceiving : OBSERVATION

B- a mental image : CONCEPT


: to attain awareness or understanding of

: to regard as being such

: to become aware of through the senses especially : SEE, OBSERVE


: to watch carefully especially with attention to details or behavior for the purpose of arriving at a judgment

: to come to realize or know especially through consideration of noted facts


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